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Blitzø angrily rubbed at his newly obtained Asmodean Crystal, opening a portal to earth that he walked through quickly, closely followed by Moxxie and Millie. He was feeling especially irritated today, with only one cup of coffee in his system, along with the overall sh*tty week he’d been having. After leaving the disaster that was Verosika’s “f*ck Blitzø” party, he had pretty much been feeling like sh*t, body and mind. He had a looming exhaustion over his body that just wouldn’t leave no matter how much caffeine he had, on top of the mood swings he was fully in denial were happening. He knew he was being a pain to his employees but he couldn’t muster up the energy to care.

“Okay M&M, let’s make this quick I’m f*cking starving.” Blitzø loudly complained.

Moxxie shot him an annoyed look as Millie readjusted her grip on her large weapon. The job was an easy one, the typical vengeance for cheating, or getting cheated on, or some sh*t like that, Blitzø couldn’t really be bothered to remember the specific details.

The three of them quickly, but quietly, made their way over to the nearest window of the target’s house, attempting to see if he was even home. He was, thankfully, but he appeared to be hosting some sort of dinner party. There were about six or so people sitting at a table in the formal dining room, laughing amongst themselves as they ate.

“f*cking of course this couldn’t be simple,” Blitzø grumbled, mostly to himself, “Just shoot the f*cker, Mox, and we can get the hell out of here.”

“I’m not sure that's the best idea, sir,” Moxxie replied anxiously. “We would definitely be noticed by those other people if we killed him now. It might be better to wait for a little bit, at least until they aren’t all in there.”

Blitzø groaned and sat down, leaning against the house under the window frame.

He knew Moxxie was right and that killing him now would just make more work for them, but he was feeling extra impatient today, eager to get back to his office to wallow in his misery. On top of his overall horrible mood, he was beginning to feel some sharp aching in his lower abdomen.

“Why don’t we cause some sort of distraction, see if we can get him to come outside?” Millie suggested. Blitzø shrugged and met eyes with Moxxie.

“Might be worth a shot, doesn’t seem like this little get-together will be ending anytime soon,” Blitzø said as a raucous laugh echoed out from one of the people inside. “You got an idea?”

“Not particularly, but I guess we could always just set something on fire? Force them to come into the yard?” Millie responded, seeming a little too excited at the idea.

Before Blitzø could respond, a shadow appeared over the three of them, making them all turn to look at what cast it. A menacing looking human man towered over them, a manic grin on his face and a large grilling fork in hand.

“Now what do we have here?” He asked in what was clearly a rhetorical manner. “Seems like I’ve caught some intruders, we don’t welcome vermin such as yourselves around here.” He tightened his grip on his grill fork, clearly getting ready to attack. The three imps stood up quickly, Millie holding her axe out in front of her defensively. He lifted his free hand up to his mouth, creating a sharp whistle. “Get out here y’all, we’ve got some unwelcome company!” The man yelled.

Suddenly all sounds in the house halted, then started again as dishes clattered and furniture was aggressively pushed around.

“Moxxie I swear if you don’t shoot that motherf*cker right now!” Blitzø screamed, grabbing his pistol from his coat and pointing it at the man in front of them.

“Way ahead of you, sir!” Moxxie replied. He had his rifle up to the window, shot already lined up to the target. He pulled the trigger just as the man was about to leave the dining room, killing him with ease. Blitzø shot the man in front of them as the dinner guests began filing out the backdoor. One of them let out a wordless scream of outrage when his dead body collapsed, charging at the three imps.

“Blitzø, get the portal open now!” Millie exclaimed, taking off in a sprint away from the angry mob, Blitzø and Moxxie hot on her heels.

“Way ahead of you Mills!” Blitzø yelled back. “Get ready!” He rubbed at the Asmodean Crystal, the portal suddenly appearing a few feet in front of them. They continued charging full speed at the portal, tumbling through it and into the I.M.P office. The portal closed, leaving the three of them in a pile on the floor. Loona, in typical fashion, barely looked up from her phone at the commotion, the only acknowledgment of their presence being a slight ear twitch. Millie quickly got to her feet, reaching her hand out to help her husband off the floor.

“That was a great shot Moxxie!” she told him happily, dusting her pants off once he was on his feet. He bashfully adjusted his shirt and thanked her.

“Yeah yeah, great work everybody, now what do we want for lunch?” Blitzø said as he stood, looking towards Loona for a response. She met his eyes and went to let out a big sigh, but her breath caught halfway in.

“Food is great and all, but one of you dipsh*ts should probably grab the first aid kit.” The three imps exchanged confused looks and Millie shrugged,walking over to grab the kit.

“Why do we need the kit Loony Toony? You got a papercut and need a bandaid? Let me see,” Blitzø said in a baby-talk tone of voice, making his way over to Loona’s desk.

“f*ck off Blitzø,” Loona growled. “One of you f*ckers got hurt, it reeks of blood in here.”

“Huh?” Millie piped up, holding the first aid kit in her hands. “I didn’t get hurt. Did you, Moxxie?” She asked, giving him a very concerned look.

“No, I’m not hurt either,” Moxxie replied, turning to stare down Blitzø with a scornful look on his face. “Sir?”

“Me?” Blitzø asked, incredulously. “f*ck off! I’m not hurt, that was the fastest job we’ve ever done! When could I have gotten hurt?”

“Well Blitzø, if any of us were going to hide an injury it would be you,” Millie said cautiously, approaching him slowly with the first aid kit.

“W-what! Me! Psh I would never!” Blitzø spluttered. “When have I ever done that?” He backed away towards his office, feeling oddly cornered.

“Actually, sir, many times,” came Moxxie’s annoying voice from next to Blitzø. “Like there was that one time that you-”

“Okay you know what, let's not relive the past,” Blitzø cut off, “I get it, but seriously, I didn’t get hurt, none of us did.” The aching in his abdomen was starting to return now that the adrenaline was wearing off, and he was really not in the mood to have a stupid argument. “Just give me the first aid kit and I’ll patch myself up if I find any tiny scrapes or some sh*t, deal?”

Moxxie and Millie looked slightly placated and Millie handed over the medical supplies. Blitzø took it and begrudgingly headed into the small office bathroom. He began to strip to look for any injuries he could have sustained, inspecting his skin in the mirror. As he started to pull his pants off, he noticed a small wet mark in the crotch of the fabric.

“What the f*ck?” he whispered to himself, stripping the pants the rest of the way off and throwing them onto the counter. He bent over to look between his legs, and sure enough, there was a black bloodstain on his bright red briefs. He became even more confused at the sight, pulling the underwear part of the way down his legs and sitting down on the open toilet. The initial horror that he felt at the sight of the stain on his pants had continued to build, bubbling into his breath coming out in short gasps.

“This cannot be happening. No f*cking way this is happening.” Blitzø whispered to himself again. He grabbed a few pieces of toilet paper, folding them over each other and gently dabbing at the place between his legs, penis fully retracted for easier access to his vagin*. To his horror, the toilet paper came back bloody, confirming his worst fears. His eyes became hot and his throat tightened, but he stubbornly swallowed back tears. He knew that some intersex imps got periods, but he hadn’t had one in so long he had just assumed it was just never coming back. He folded up more toilet paper, sticking it in his underwear and pulling them back up. He threw his shirt back on and braced himself for the mortifying conversation he was about to have. He gently opened the bathroom door, just wide enough so that he could stick his head and shoulders out without revealing his blood stained underwear.

“Hey Mills, could you come here for a second, I could use some help.” Blitzø said meekly. He hadn’t been this embarrassed in a long time. She looked up from behind her desk, where she was cleaning her axe. She looked surprised that he was asking for help, but to be fair, she was the best one at patching them all up.

“Sure Blitzø, what's going on?” she asked as she made her way over to the bathroom door. Blitzø was refusing to meet her eyes and gestured with his head to come in. He opened the door the rest of the way, using it to hide his body still. After she entered the room, he quickly shut the door and looked at her with a desperate look on his face.

“Millie, please tell me you have a tampon, or a pad, or literally f*cking anything like that.” Blitzø pled, panicked eyes looking into hers. She gave him a look of confusion until she took in the rest of his form, his disheveled shirt hastily buttoned part of the way up, along with the lack of pants. She glanced over to said pants on the bathroom counter and immediately spotted the small blood stain on them.

“Blitzø, what the hell? I didn’t know you had a period!” Blitzø quickly hushed her.

“Yeah I didn’t really either, it's been like over ten years okay? I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with this sh*t anymore, but here we f*cking are. Do you have anything or no?” Blitzø, if he was being completely honest, was barely holding it together. All he wanted was to go home, curl up on the couch, and watch horse documentaries, but he refused to go home with a wad of toilet paper being the only thing away from ruining his couch further by staining it beyond repair.

“Let me go check in my desk, okay? I normally keep a few in there for emergencies.” Millie patted his arm and quickly exited the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She dug through her desk drawers for a solid two minutes, but came up empty handed. She made her way back to the bathroom and softly knocked on the door. Blitzø opened it again for her and she looked at him with apologetic eyes.

“I’m sorry, hun, I must’ve used the last tampon and not gotten more.” Blitzø took a deep breath and sat down on the floor, his horns pressing into the wall behind him.

“Fuuuuuuck,” he sighed.

“I can go to the store really quick and pick some pads up for you, if you want,” Millie offered.

“You don’t have to do that Mills.”

“I know I don’t, but I’ve been where you are and it f*cking sucks to not have what you need. I’ll be right back okay?”

“Thank you Millie, I really appreciate it,” Blitzø said quietly. He curled into himself more as she exited the bathroom. He wasn’t sure how long it would take her to get the pads and come back, but he hoped it wouldn’t be too long. The pain, that he now knew to be cramps, just kept getting worse and sitting on the bathroom floor was certainly not making it better. He closed his eyes and started taking deep breaths to distract himself from the pain, and to prevent the panic that was once again rising in him. No more than fifteen minutes later there was a knock before the door was opened. Millie walked through with a plastic bag from the convenience store down the road in hand. She put the bag down on the floor to his right and sat down next to him on the left.

“I got you pads, pain meds, and a couple extra treats,” She said gently, grabbing his hand from where it was sitting atop his knee. “You really should go home, Blitzø. I can tell you’re in pain, and you need a change of clothes anyway. Just call it a day a little early, okay?”

“Wasn’t planning on sticking around,” Blitzø scoffed. Millie stood up and pulled him up by his hand.

“I’m assuming you know how to get blood out of clothes?”

“Think I’m some kind of amateur, bitch? We’re literally assassins.”

“Just checking!” Millie said with a small laugh. She gathered his coat, pants, and bag of items and handed them over to him. “Just portal home, I’ll tell Moxx and Loona that you weren’t feeling well.” Blitzø nodded and handed her the key to the van, stepping through the portal to his house.

“Just have Loona drive you guys home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Or maybe don’t come in if you aren’t feeling good Blitzø? It’s okay to give yourself a break.”

Blitzø rolled his eyes and stepped through the portal, waving at her as it closed. He made a beeline for his own bathroom and stripped once again, turning the shower on and setting the temperature to scalding. He threw his soiled clothes in a pile on the floor, leaving his shirt and coat on the bathroom counter. The bag Millie had given him was similarly tossed onto the floor, nearer to the toilet than the dirty clothes. He stepped into the shower and groaned in relief as the hot water ran over his aching body. The pain had slowly crept from his abdomen all the way down to his knees, which he gently massaged with his knuckles. He sighed and watched as bloody water ran down his body and into the drain, feeling morbidly fascinated and also slightly nauseous. He grabbed a washcloth and lathered it up with a bar of soap, hoping that it would help with the feeling of disgust with his own body he was currently experiencing. He scrubbed at his skin until it was nearly raw, still afraid to explore where the blood was currently leaking out of. He set the washcloth aside and lifted one leg, letting the water run between his legs to hopefully take care of the worst of the mess. If he was being completely honest, he didn’t want to think about what was happening in his body, which meant having the least amount of contact with the current issue as possible.

He shut off the water and stepped out of the shower, deeming himself clean enough and wanting to leave some hot water for Loona. He grabbed his towel and quickly dried off, tying it around his waist afterwards. He opened the bathroom door, steam billowing out behind him as he stepped through, and made a beeline towards his dresser. Opening the top drawer, he rifled through it, hoping to find at least some clean clothes. He pulled out an old oversized shirt that had previously had some sort of horse motif, the design almost completely faded from wear and tear over the years, before continuing his search for clean underwear.

“Oh f*ck me, are you kidding?” Blitzø mumbled to himself, the search becoming more frantic as he was struggling to find anything. He then saw a pair of briefs buried at the very bottom, sighing in relief as he grabbed them and made his way back to the bathroom. He threw the shirt on, then went to do the same to the briefs, stopping when he saw their reflection in the mirror.

“f*ck my life this is a sick f*cking joke,” he said, seeing Danger Zone emblazoned on the front of them. There was a reason these were buried at the bottom of the drawer, being a painful reminder of the full moon where things with Stolas went to sh*t. Despite the poor memories associated with them, he did suppose that they were sort of fitting for the situation he was in; instead of the danger being the sexy kind, it was more of the Keep Out: Do Not Enter kind. He waddled over to the toilet with his briefs around his knees, sat down, and proceeded to inspect the contents of the bag. Millie had gotten him a box of pads that contained both regular and overnight sizes, a few kinds of chocolates, and a small bottle of painkillers. He scoffed at the pads, not looking forward to essentially wearing a diaper for the next week.

Whatever, beggars can’t be choosers, he thought to himself as he opened the box. He grabbed one of the normal sized ones and opened it up, cringing at how loudly the sound echoed through the bathroom. He wasn’t completely unaware of how they were used, he did have a few periods in his teen years before the accident, and for that extended period of time afterwards that he preferred to not think about, so he slapped it into his underwear. He was thankful she got him the ones with wings at least, and pulled his briefs up. He grabbed his dirty clothes, disposing of the stained underwear and throwing the other items into the hamper, before grabbing the bag and walking over to flop onto the couch. The pain was starting to come back, so he got up and grabbed a glass of water before taking two of the painkillers, hoping they would kick in before it came back full force. He grabbed the TV remote and the blanket draped over the back of the couch, ready to buckle in for what he was hoping wouldn’t be too bad of an experience.


It was so much worse than he thought. The painkillers had seemingly done nothing and Blitzø was curled up in the fetal position, hoping for death. He didn’t know how other people dealt with this every month, he wasn’t going to make it through the next hour at this rate. His body was aching all over, with the epicenter being his stupid uterus. His horns were unusually sensitive, and if they knocked into anything it felt like an electric shock was going through them, with the same happening to his tail. He had unconsciously started purring, a self soothing tactic he hadn’t done since he was a small child. Blitzø sat up slowly and made his way to the refrigerator, grabbing a few beers and sitting back down. He figured if the pain meds weren’t working, drinking until he passed out definitely would. He drank three in quick succession, then began nursing the fourth.

He was starting to feel more dizzy, but less painful, so he counted it as a win. About twenty minutes later and halfway through the fourth beer, he very suddenly and very urgently had to pee, so he stumbled his way into the bathroom, cringing at the feeling of blood gushing as he walked. He cringed even harder at the sight of the bloody pad, so he quickly changed it as he did his business then went back to hopefully fall asleep on the couch. He grabbed his phone, deciding to call Millie to thank her for the things before going to bed, noting that it was well past work hours and Loona had yet to come home. He searched for her contact with blurry vision, hitting it and waiting for her answer. He only had to wait two rings before the line picked up and he began his drunken ramblings.

“Heyyyyy Milss, thanks for buying me that sh*t earlier, I reaaaally appreciate it. Why did you buy me f*cking pads thooouugh? I can handle a f*cking tampon I’m not a f*cking puss*yy. Those pain meds don’t work for sh*t either, I think my uterus is eating my insides and poisoning the f*cking rest of my body.” It was unsettlingly quiet on the other end. “Millie?” Blitzø asked.

“Um, I believe that you dialed the wrong number, Blitzø,” came the very last voice Blitzø wanted to hear. He jolted up from his supine position, feeling suddenly very sober.

“Stolas! f*ck! I did not mean to call you!”

“Yes, I believe that is quite obvious.”

“Oh f*ck, I won’t keep you, as you f*cking were, I guess,” Blitzø garbled, blood ice cold in panic. How could he f*ck up this badly? He hadn’t spoken to Stolas since that f*cking party and now he drunk dialed him complaining about his period?!? He was going to die of embarrassment!

“Just one second, Blitzø. If I may, are you quite alright? You were complaining about being in pain and you really don’t sound well.”

“I’m fine, Stolas. Good Talk. Bye.”

“Wait-” Blitzø pressed the end call button and threw his phone across the room, pulling his blanket over his head, eyes brimming with tears. He was so f*cking stupid, as if Stolas couldn’t think any less of him, he went and called him on accident, blathering on about pads and tampons! He groaned loudly, followed by a whimper as tears began to fall against his will. Stupid f*cking hormones making him cry at everything. He gasped as he felt a crackle of energy enter his living room, followed by the sound of a portal opening. He heard the unmistakable sounds of talons clicking on tile and braced himself for the severe scolding he knew he was in for. He wrapped his blanket around his body, sitting up so that only his face was peaking out. He quickly wiped his tears and looked behind him where Stolas was standing. He had an odd look on his face, appearing tense along with something else Blitzø couldn’t discern.

“Blitzy, er Blitzø, are you okay? You seemed quite upset over the phone.”

Stolas took a few steps towards the couch, holding a hand slightly out in front of him. Blitzø sniffled quietly and avoided his gaze, looking down at his feet instead.

“I already f*cking told you I’m fine. Why are you even here? Don’t you hate my guts or some sh*t?” Blitzø knew that if he made Stolas angry at him again then he would just get fed up with him again and leave, so he just had to rile him up. Stolas sighed, looking at him with pity and walking towards him again, standing right at the back of the couch. Both the proximity and the expression made Blitzø’s tail twitch aggressively.

“As much as I know you hate it, Blitzø, I am starting to learn your tactics. I’m not upset with you for calling me. I know that we have some unresolved issues, things that we need to work out, but I am concerned for your wellbeing at this current moment. It’s obvious you’ve been crying.” He reached out a talon and wiped a stubborn tear that had stuck to his cheek. The gesture made Blitzø’s throat burn and eyes fill with tears once again. He whipped his head around and took a shaky breath. He knew that if he tried to say something it would come out high-pitched and pathetic sounding, so he just stayed silent. Stolas made his way around to the other side of the couch, now standing in front of him. Blitzø knew that he could see the tears dripping down his chin, but he refused to look up at Stolas.

“You mentioned tampons and pain medication over the phone?” Blitzø cringed and tipped his chin down farther. “I wasn’t aware that you experienced menstruation, or that you were intersex at all. I was aware that certain imps experienced that, but I didn’t know that you were included in that group.” Blitzø started to get a little pissed, pushing down the tears to make room for annoyance. Who the hell did this royal f*cker think he was? Talking to him about periods and intersex sh*t?

“Yeah well I didn’t really know that I ‘experienced menstruation’ either, f*ck you.” Stolas let out a small gasp.

“I was under the impression that first menstruation occurs in your teens, are you just getting it now?” Blitzø scoffed.

“Not that it’s really any of your business, but no I had it when I was a teenager. But some sh*t happened and I had it for like 5 months straight. They put me on some sort of bullsh*t medication and it just stopped. Until now at least. Is the interrogation done?” Blitzø glared up at Stolas with a tearstained face and red-rimmed eyes.

“I didn’t mean to interrogate you, Blitzy. I suppose I just want to know if I can help you at all?” Stolas looked unsure, slightly fidgeting with his hands. He sounded far too earnest for Blitzø’s comfort, so he decided to do what he did best: deflect.

“Unless you have a magic fix-all-pain spell, then no. You should just go, Stols.” Blitzø started to feel exhaustion permeate his bones, the fight leaving his body. Stolas looked deep in thought for a moment, then his eyes lit up.

“I actually may have something that could work! I’ve heard that this can help with that sort of pain!” He mumbled a short spell, holding his hand out in front of him, leaving it slightly glowing orange when it was done. He looked at Blitzø with a small smile. “May I?” he asked, moving the hand towards Blitzø.

“Fine, but if this doesn’t work you’re leaving.”

“I’ll go,” Stolas agreed, “But I believe that this should work.” He kneeled on the floor in front of the couch and gently pushed Blitzø back to laying down like he was previously. If he had been feeling slightly less like he’d just been run over by a semi, there would have been some sort of innuendo for Blitzø to joke about, but he just didn’t have the energy. Stolas slipped the hand between the blanket and his body, settling it on his lower stomach while heat emanated off of it. The relief was incredible and Blitzø sighed audibly as the tension bled out of his body. His eyes closed against his will and he curled up around the hand that was giving him such sweet relief.

“Not fair,” Blitzø borderline whispered. “You’re always so much warmer than me.” Stolas chuckled quietly.

“Ignoring the fact that I am using a spell right now, it only makes sense considering you’re cold-blooded.” Blitzø opened his eyes, finding Stolas’ face closer to his than it was before. He was looking down at him with such fondness, it made Blitzø’s heart hurt. He gulped, knowing what he had to do, figuring he might as well bite the bullet.

“Look Stolas, I kind of mentioned this at Verosika’s party, but you really do deserve an apology,” he said meekly, eyes welling up with tears but refusing to look away. “I’m sorry I reacted the way that I did, you just caught me completely off guard, and when you asked for the book back I just panicked. I also just couldn’t really believe that you had…feelings for me. I still can’t, if I’m honest. I really am sorry.” He was breathing heavily, trying to suppress the sobs that were fighting to escape from his chest. “You have to know though, If you keep trying to get close to me, I’m just going to hurt you. I’m going to ruin your life! That’s what I do to everyone! You’re so much better off without me!” He was working himself into a panic, tail aggressively whipping around. Stolas took his free hand and grabbed one of Blitzø’s.

“I know, my dear, I know you’re sorry. While I don’t remember much from that party, I do know that you were trying to apologize. I’m also not blameless in this, it's safe to say that night went to utter sh*t because of things we both did. As for you ruining my life? Blitzy, my life has only gotten better since you came back into it.” Stolas smiled softly and squeezed his hand, then released it to tenderly wipe the tears from his face. Blitzø leaned into the contact and shut his eyes, soaking in the affection. When was the last time he had received comfort like this? He genuinely couldn’t remember.

“We still have things to discuss, but as for right now, would you allow me to take care of you?” Stolas questioned softly. Blitzø sighed, feeling so scared and vulnerable, but also soft from the exhaustion settling into his body. He wanted to say yes, but his brain was screaming at him that it was a trap, that Stolas would use his weakness against him. Against his better instincts, he nodded into Stolas’ large hand, unable to give up the relief he was feeling from the warmth on his stomach. Stolas let out a small hoot of happiness and stood up, taking the magic pain reliever with him.

“May I pick you up, Blitzy? Your apartment is a little small for me, and I do know that you love how comfortable my bed is. Not that you have to go there if you don’t want to!” Stolas added with a slight panic, not knowing if Blitzø would be comfortable in his bed considering the rocky state of their relationship.

“Oh f*ck off you know your bed is better than my f*cking couch. If you didn’t take me there I’d be pissed.” Blitzø groused at Stolas. His cheeks colored red for a moment, before he lifted his arms up to Stolas. Stolas let out a squeak at the sight, admiring how cute his little imp looked, before lifting him into his arms, supporting his shoulders with one arm and holding the other behind his knees. He began to open a portal to the palace, but he was interrupted by a soft tugging on his shirt. He looked down at Blitzø, who then pointed to a plastic bag thrown on the floor.

“If we’re going to yours, I’m going to need to bring that sh*t.” Stolas nodded, not sure what was inside but using magic to lift both the bag and the phone he spotted on the floor across the room. They went through the portal and into Stolas’ extravagant bedroom, where Stolas gently deposited Blitzø on the bed before placing the items on one of the bedside tables. Blitzø made quick work of burying himself under the blankets, sighing at the feeling of the plush mattress and soft blankets. He curled up on his side, closing his eyes and sighing contentedly. He felt Stolas lift the covers behind him and gently crawl in beside him, nudging the warm hand through his mess of limbs to return it to its original position. He was also on his side, but he scooched closer to press his chest to Blitzø’s back. He pecked a soft kiss betweens his horns and let out a large breath that fanned out over Blitzø. The familiar smell of the detergent Stolas used, as well as just the smell of him, was lulling Blitzø into a light sleep, but his tail was twitching in an attempt to keep himself awake.

“Just rest, my dear,” Stolas whispered, seeing right through him. “You have no doubt had a long day and I want you to relax now. Just let me care for you.”

Stolas began to hum softly, the vibrations against Blitzø’s back further forcing him into sleep. He surrendered to the feeling, basking in the safety and comfort he felt. He knew that he and Stolas still had things to resolve, but for now, he would take the kindness that was being shown to him, refusing to squander the feeling. He drifted off to sleep, tail curling around Stolas’ leg unconsciously. Stolas also decided that a nap couldn’t hurt and curled around Blitzø tighter, silently vowing to keep him safe, before drifting off himself.

twisting all the parts of me (that you're still good at knowing) - smartnfinal (2024)


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