Helluva boss: Moxxie and Millie's son - parts of the battle that I have come up with (2024)


(As I said before. I couldn't think much of it. There is too much going on. So, it is what basically happened during the battle. It will be mostly Max's perspective, and it won't be as well. I don't know. Good as the actual battle would have been. But well, here you guys go. It isn't perfect. But you guys have been wanting it. So here it goes. Basically, I'm starting it off when adam breaks alastor's shield.)

Max was fighting off angels. Striker was shooting them.

Max looks up to see adam on the roof of the hotel. Max flies up there and lands on the other side of where adam was.

Max:I've been waiting for this for a while, you piece of sh*t.

Adam:well well well. If it isn't a wittle imp.

Max:I'm clearly bigger than you. Well, in tallness and wing size. It's not stomach size.

Adam scowls

Adam:shut you demon bitch

Max growls and launches at him.

They clash weapons and fight off each other.

Adam:not bad for a shrimp

Max roundhouse kicks adam away. Then summons ink tentacles and ink searchers around and sends them to attack adam with ink weapons.

Adam was able to fight them off. But didn't see max coming amd gets stabbed in the air and then the leg by by ink spikes.

Adam headbutts max backwards and stabs max in the stomach.

Adam:this seems very familiar. Oh yes. Your that imp I stabbed at the ring shop.

(Before I knew lucifer was a good person. And basically before the rest of helluva boss came out with season 2 ep 3. It has been a while. Time flies. )

Max pulls the blade out and punches adam away.

Max:I've gotten a lot stronger you bastard.

Max throws nearly everything he has adam. And does a giant ink fost sending adam down to the lobby.

Max flies down to the hotel lobby. Adam smiles and his mask glitches a bit.

Max:the hell?

Adam:you are stronger. But you forgot I don't work alone.

Max then feels a sharp pain. He looks down seeing the front of the flaming sword in his stomach. Max looks to see Striker is the one who did it.

Striker:Sorry, Nothing personal.

Max grabs Striker and pulls him close stabbing Striker as well.

Max:if I'm going out. Your coming with me.....brother.

Max sees blackness absorb his vision. They finds himself starting to wake up upon a bright light and clouds. He sees a long stairs leading to the blinding light.

Max:why couldn't I appear at the purely gate like everyone else?

Max sighs and starts climbing.

After a while he gets to an arena type area. Above the clouds. He looks around.

Max:so why am I here? Anyone even here with me? Lobo? God? Emily? Someone?!

Unknown voice: turn around grandson.

Max turns to see his grandma. (Moxxie's mom. She dosen't really have a name. But let's call her grandma)

Grandma:oh look how much you've grown. You are quite big. No?

Max:so I suppose gramps did kill you.

Grandma: I see you got your grandpa's scars.

She pokes under his eyes.

Max:why am I in heaven?

Grandma: your Lobo friend owed me a favor. And a offer. You will go back down. And kill adam. You will have the strength. Of the Crimson Phoenix. It'll give you great new strength and power. Will also give you a new form as well. Your talons will be just like your sickles. Sharp and dangerous. And your body will be a fire inferno. You will have Phoenix wings in your normal form.

Max:Shall I tell my father anything before I go back?

Grandma: Tell him I'm proud of him and he is in good hands with his family.

Max:I won't let you down.

Grandma then shoves max off the edge and max turns, and his body starts to break up into different parts of flames.

Down in hell. While adam is blasting everyone with his heavenly light at lucifer, cutting the hotel into pieces. A bright light can be seen coming through the sky. Before it hits the ground, a fire crimson Phoenix is seen flapping majestically.

Then the Phoenix opens its eyes and shoots flames out of its mouth like a flamethrower at the exorcist angels, and then as adam was going at lucifer and Charlie. The Phoenix snatches adam and throws him down, and as the back of the Phoenix charges. The Phoenix blasts down an atomic breath down at adam. Vaporizing adam into dust. What is left is his halo

After the exorcist retreat. Max turned to his imp form with his new Phoenix feathers on his back. He lands near Charlie and lucifer. He walks past them and grabs the flaming sword. He sees Striker's body. Max then flaps his wings, causing Striker to turn to ash and go into the wind.

Max sighs and takes a knee with the flaming sword in the ground. He gives a moment of silence for the good people who risked their lives and sacrificed themselves.

Helluva boss: Moxxie and Millie's son - parts of the battle that I have come up with (2024)


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