Helluva boss: Moxxie and Millie's son - Exploring The Goetia Palace. (2024)


(This is a 2 months after seeing stars)

Max got a text from Octavia saying that they should hang out in the palace. And barely any work is going on so he has nothing else to do and he takes that offer.

After a 20 minute flight to the palace. He lands at the front door of the place. He knocks on the giant door. Stolas then answers the door.

Stolas:Ah! Maxwell. What a pleasant surprise. Octavia is up in her room getting ready. You can just explore around the palace while she gets ready.

Maxwell nods and walks in underneath Stolas's arm to get inside. Stolas then closed the door behind.

Stolas:stay as long as you like and if you and my daughter decide to have some "fun" just make sure to use protection. And i know your a good person. But we Goetia are known to be a little. Horny. So Octavia might have a similar effect on you. Especially at this age. Just be ready.

Max:ok i will. And if she does. It'll probably be fun. Anyway thanks for the heads up stolas.

Stolas:anytime Maxwell. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Stolas walks off upstairs to another area and Maxwell takes a look around. He walks up the starwell and looks to both right to see Stolas as a child with his father. There is another with stella as a young child with a Loo Loo Land hat and with both Stolas and Stella. He walked past a open door but backed up a little to look inside to see a grand piano inside of it. He looked around and entered the room. He sat down on the bench. He pressed one key on the piano and it made a ding. He pressed another and made another ding he then placed both hands on the piano and decided play. He started to play a good toon of music that he likes from the human world but on a piano cover.

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He exhales when he finished the song. He cracked his fingers again and decided to play another. He placed his little fingers on the keys again.

He enjoyed the songs he just played on the piano. He decided to play one more. He placed his fingers on the keys and started to place something different ish

He is enjoying the piano so much he feels like he can do one more song then off to the rest of exploring. But before he was about to play another song. He heard a knock at the door. He turns to see Octavia at the door.

Max:Octavia. How long have you been standing there being pretty as a goddess?

Octavia:as long t know that your an artist at playing a piano. I don't think i can play that well.

Max:well i actually know a song that we can do together. After that i would like to explore the rest of this place or go to talk with you in your room. But just come.

Octavia sits down next to him and the both place one of each of their hands between them. And the other two on each end of the piano.


Octavia then nods and they both play the same song.

Max and Octavia:Hello.....Welcome....Hommme....

They look at each other with a smile after of what they just played. Octavia then has a strange instinct to pull Maxwell to her and they share a passionate kiss and they start to make out with each other. The pull apart for breath.

Octavia:let's take this to my room shall we~?

Max nods and the both get off the bench and head to her room.

When they get there. Octavia then locks the door and the tw start to make out again. They get to the point to where they start to take of their clothes for each other. Their tongues fight for dominance in their mouths.

They make their way to Octavia's bed and start the rest off from there.

(No lemon for you guys who wanted one. I might make a chapter of it. Might not. I write the book. I'll probably do it. But in here no no. As much as lot of y'all wanted it. I won't do it in here. Sorry not sorry for the ones who thought there would've been in here. Anyway.)

It was the next day after an enjoyable afternoon by the two lovers. Max just woke up and looked over at the Octavia who was already awake and still undressed and has the messed up sex hair along with max.

Octavia:Sleep well big boy~?

Max:why yes i did my horny owlet~

Octavia:well i do have some good news and bad news. The good news is. I had an amazing night last night and you were definitely amazing in bed. Couldn't think of anyone else who would be better and also you had a condom on. Bad news is though. When we both had org*sm.

She sighed deeply and scratched her head trying to figure out how to explain this to him.

Octavia:well the condom broke and i felt the warmth from you in me. So you might be a father.

Max the had wide eyes and looked over at her.

Max:oh. Oh sh*t. So that means i might have just gotten you pregnant with the first ever Imp, Goetia, And maybe Morningstar hybrid mix thing. And it's all my fault. Damn it I'm that stupid! Getting my girlfriend pregnant in her teens.

Octavia then grabbed his his face and pulled it to hers with a kiss.

Octavia: you are not stupid and I'm 18 witch is the same amount of time my mum got pregnant with me. And i wouldn't want anyone else's child but yours my love. And i would love to see what our child or children are and what they'll look like. But problem is. How are we going to explain this to my dad.

Max:well we can keep this from people and attempt to Anyway and hide both of them from the eyes of others. We'll just wait till after you lay eggs or have the children is when they come around. Either that and tell stolas now and tell him to keep this from others that we know. I'm fine with either option.

Octavia:i think it's best my dad knows so it's easier for him to understand. And say it was kind of an accident that the condom broke. But keep the children.

Max:your right. And no matter what happens in the future. I'll love you with all my heart. And I'll love you through any universe or any hell that happens. I'll protect you and our kids for as long as i live. I'll die for you and them or it.

Octavia smiled and cups his face and pulls him into a loving kiss. They share it long and passionately. Max wraps his tail around Octavia's feathered tail and tightens the grip.

They both love each other and they both always will. For as long as they both shall live.

Helluva boss: Moxxie and Millie's son - Exploring The Goetia Palace. (2024)


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