Dc Claimant Services (2024)

1. File a Claim | does - Department of Employment Services - DC.gov

  • The following services are provided to individuals filing unemployment compensation claims, workers' compensation claims and wage and hour disputes:

2. Start Your Unemployment Compensation Process | does

  • Service Contact: Office of Unemployment Compensation - Tax Division ; Contact Email: does@dc.gov ; Contact Phone: (202) 698-7550 ; Contact Fax: (202) 673-6993.

  • Get started with an unemployment claim.

3. District of Columbia Unemployment Insurance | Benefits.gov

  • To file a claim online or to check the status of your claim, please visit DCNetworks. Apply for D.C. Unemployment Insurance. How can I contact someone?

  • District of Columbia Unemployment Insurance is provided to people who are unemployed through no fault of their own. Determine your eligibility for this benefit

4. D.C. Department of Employment Services (DOES): Unemployment ...

  • Address 4058 Minnesota Avenue NE 4th Floor Washington, DC 20019. Get Directions · Phone (202) 724-7000 · Phone (877) 319-7346 Toll Free Number · Web Go to site ...

  • Provides temporary weekly benefits to workers who become unemployed without fault and are physically able and available for work. Benefits are financed through a payroll tax collected on a quarterly b Washington, D.C., District Of Columbia

5. DC Unveils New Unemployment Insurance System - DCist

DC Unveils New Unemployment Insurance System - DCist

6. Know Your Rights! Unemployment Insurance - Legal Aid DC

  • Apply for UI with the DC Department of Employment Services (DOES). You can apply by phone at 202-724-7000 or online at dcnetworks.org. Is there a deadline ...

  • Did you lose your job, or are you having problems with Unemployment Insurance? Learn about your rights and how to apply.

Know Your Rights! Unemployment Insurance - Legal Aid DC

7. Chapter 1. Unemployment Compensation. | D.C. Law Library

  • (F) The employment service shall refer any claimant entitled to extended benefits under this section to any suitable work which meets the criteria ...

  • Navigation

Chapter 1. Unemployment Compensation. | D.C. Law Library

8. FAQ's - General Unemployment Insurance | Virginia Employment ...

  • What information is required to file a claim for benefits? What service is available to me if I am hearing impaired? What types of reemployment services are ...

  • Due to the current high call volume coming into the VEC Customer Contact Centers, filing online may save you considerable time and effort.

9. Alabama Claimant Portal: Welcome

  • Claimant Portal is the secure, self-service system you can use to manage your unemployment benefits account with Alabama Department of Labor.

10. Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Grants (RESEA)

Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Grants (RESEA)

11. Claimant Most Frequently Asked Questions - Unemployment Insurance

  • BEACON allows claimants (a claimant refers to an individual who files ... Service. Once the check has been mailed, the Division cannot provide updates ...

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Related Issues (Federal Pandemic UI Programs)

12. Claimant Advocacy Program - Washington, DC - LawHelp.org

  • Who We Are. The Claimant Advocacy Program (CAP) is a free legal counseling service available to individuals who file unemployment compensation appeals in ...

  • LawHelp.Org/DC provides free legal information to the public about topics of interest to low and middle income DC residents. We also provide referral information about legal and social service providers

Claimant Advocacy Program - Washington, DC - LawHelp.org

13. IG faults D.C. employment services agency over delays in issuing benefits

  • Apr 7, 2023 · “It is the claimant's responsibility to identify, correct, and inform DOES of any inaccuracies for their wages that are detected by the system.

  • The Department of Employment Services could have done more to fix problems during the pandemic, according to a report from the inspector general.

IG faults D.C. employment services agency over delays in issuing benefits

14. DC Department of Employment Services Claim Fraud

  • Missing: claimant | Show results with:claimant

  • DC DOES issued a claim fraud bulletin. Actions you should take if you are a victim of an unemployment claim fraud.

DC Department of Employment Services Claim Fraud

15. Unemployment FAQs - Legal Aid DC

  • You must report your gross wages (your earnings before taxes) to the Department of Employment Services in your weekly claim cards. You must report these ...

  • Do you have questions about unemployment benefits and COVID-19? Find answers to common questions here.

Unemployment FAQs - Legal Aid DC

16. Division of Unemployment Insurance - Maryland Department of Labor

  • If you are a claimant (an individual who files a claim for unemployment ... services. Find out what DHS services you may be eligible for by creating an ...

  • Unemployment Insurance Information

Division of Unemployment Insurance - Maryland Department of Labor

17. Two years after pandemic hit, complaints about DC ...

  • Apr 1, 2022 · The DC Department of Employment Services is headquartered at 4058 Minnesota Ave. ... claimants are eligible in DC if they have wages in ...

  • For the past two years, DC’s Department of Employment Services, has been a focal point of the District’s pandemic response. DC workers who lost their jobs during COVID-19 turned to the agency, known as DOES, for help in the form of unemployment

Two years after pandemic hit, complaints about DC ...
Dc Claimant Services (2024)


How long does it take to get DC unemployment benefits? ›

If you have made enough wages to get unemployment benefits, and you were laid off from your job while working only in DC, it generally takes two weeks to process your claim. If you got fired or you quit, or your employer disagrees that you were laid off, it can take up to 21 days to process your claim.

How do I file my weekly claim for DC unemployment? ›

To certify for benefits, you must file a weekly continued claim form online at does.dcnetworks.org, or by calling at (202) 724-7000. Filing your claim form online or by phone is the fastest way to certify for benefits.

What is the maximum weekly benefit for DC unemployment? ›

The amount of money you receive as your weekly benefit is based on the highest amount of money you earned in one quarter during the base period. All claimants can receive a standard 26 weeks of benefits. The maximum weekly benefit amount you may receive is $444.

How to contact DC unemployment? ›

Contact Information
  1. Phone: (202) 724-7000.
  2. Fax: (202) 673-6993.
  3. TTY: (202) 698-4817.
  4. Email: does@dc.gov.

What day of the week does DC unemployment pay? ›

Payment will generally be available two business days after we process your continued claim form. As an example, if we process your claim form on a Monday and you are eligible for benefits, payment will be deposited into your account on the following Wednesday!

What disqualifies you from unemployment in Washington? ›

Repeated inexcusable tardiness after warnings. Dishonesty related to your employment. Repeated and inexcusable absences. Violating the law or deliberate acts that provoke violence or illegal actions, or violating a collective bargaining agreement.

How are unemployment benefits calculated in DC? ›

If you are eligible to receive unemployment, your weekly benefit rate in D.C. will be 1/26 of your wages in the highest paid quarter of the base period. The maximum weekly benefit in D.C. is $444. (This amount may be adjusted every year by the D.C. Department of Employment Services.)

What is a good cause for unemployment in DC? ›

“Good cause” means a very good reason to quit that's related to your job (like unsafe working conditions, discrimination, moving for a spouse's job, needing to care for an ill or disabled family member, or if your job made your illness or disability worse, as long as you give your employer a doctor's note before you ...

How do I claim my EDD weekly benefits? ›

UI Online is the fastest way to certify for benefits and report work and wages. To get started, log in to myEDD and select UI Online. Check the Notifications section of your homepage. If weeks are available, select Certify for Benefits and answer all questions.

What is the most unemployment you can get per week? ›

The unemployment benefit calculator will provide you with an estimate of your weekly benefit amount, which can range from $40 to $450 per week. Once you submit your application, we will verify your eligibility and wage information to determine your weekly benefit amount.

Can you quit and get unemployment in DC? ›

A: Claimants may be disqualified from receiving benefits or held ineligible for any of the following reasons: • Voluntarily leaving their last (30-day) employer without good cause connected with the work; • Being discharged by their last employer for gross misconduct that is supported by evidence; • Being discharged by ...

Can you extend DC unemployment benefits? ›

Am I eligible for Extended Benefits (EB) after PEUC and how do I apply? Workers who remain unemployed/partially unemployed and have exhausted traditional UI may be eligible for up to 13 weeks of Extended Benefits (EB).

How long does DC unemployment take to process? ›

A decision will be made within 21 days of your filing. You must certify weekly while your claim is being processed, otherwise you may not be eligible to receive UI benefits for those weeks.

Can you reapply for unemployment in DC? ›

You're ineligible to reapply for unemployment insurance benefits until after you've reached your Benefit Year End (BYE).” What are the available options for those actively looking for work in the District? The American Job Centers are now open for in-person services by appointment only.

How do I know if my EDD claim was approved? ›

Most claims are processed within 14 days of receipt of a completed claim. You can log in to your account to check the status of your DI claim at any time.

Is DC unemployment retroactive? ›

Traditional UI is not retroactive back to when you lose your job; you can only get benefits starting when you submit your application. You also must file weekly claim cards with DOES to receive traditional UI for weeks you are unemployed/working reduced hours.

How long does unemployment take in Washington? ›

Direct deposit payment

We transfer benefits to your bank or credit union within one business day after you file your weekly claim. But it may take a few days for your bank or credit union to apply the funds to your account.

Can you get severance and unemployment DC? ›

Severance pay is treated by the UI system as a continuation of pay. Therefore, if a claim for UI is filed during the period that a worker is receiving severance, UI will be delayed for the duration of the severance pay.


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