A Little Loony - Chapter 3 - SilentMemento (2024)

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Any joy Blitz had over the impending birth of his friends’ child had been brutally crushed, as he was drinking at the bar, his beloved Loony’s words ringing in his mind.

Not a real dad. Is that really how she sees me?

He tried his best, honestly! Loona was admittedly not the most…approachable hellhound, but he did his best, told her how proud he was of her every day, tried to show as much love as a f*cked up waste could show love…but was it not enough?

Maybe I’m just a waste after all. Maybe she’s right, and I’m not a real dad.

The dark thoughts were overwhelming most days. He thought that if he could run from his past, if he could push others away, they wouldn’t be hurt by him in the end. Verosika, Barbie, Fizz…was Loony just the latest?

Blitz had gotten the message from Stolas on his phone, just after Moxxie and Millie had gone home for the night. Something about him needing the Grimoire for the night to study. Not even a single sexual or kinky comment; just that something had come up in the book. It made him worry even more. Was it just him? Did he do something wrong to Stolas as well?

Well, they said that all of the answers could be found at the bottom of a bottle, and he wasn’t even close to finishing his own.

“I think you’ve hit your limit, Blitz,” the bartender imp said calmly, having long since known the head of I.M.P.

“Just a bit more,” Blitz slurred, his glass empty, seeing absolutely double, no, there were three bartenders now.

“Nope, sorry, Blitz, you know I can’t afford to lose my liquor license again. Your friends sent you a cab, should take you straight to your apartment, to your daughter.”

Blitz mumbled a bit but didn’t protest further, stumbling out of the bar and falling on his face. The cat-demon cab driver outside opened the door to his vehicle with a sigh and tossed the imp in before speeding off with the song “Poison” echoing in the car. The blinding lights of the nightlife pierced the tall imp’s vision as he recalled the day he met Loona.

“She’ll never amount to anything,” the bored hellhound lady said in her monotone voice, as Blitz saw the seventeen-year-old hellhound crying in a fetal position after defending herself from a younger male.

“I want her.” The words came out of his mouth immediately.

“Sir, I’m not sure you heard correctly,” the hellhound woman said. “She’s no good. Your wife will hate her, and-“

“I want her.”

More firmly this time, as the girl looked up at him from her ball, still crying, still angry, so much…like him, just someone trying to do their best, even when life kept sh*tting on them over and over and over again. Were it not for the fact that she was a young female hellhound and he, an older male imp…they couldn’t have been more similar, more like the family they both wanted.

“Sir, there will be no refunds, and the warranty-“

“I’m adopting Loona. That’s my final decision.”

I’ve lived a life full of regrets. I won’t let this be one of them.

“Well, if you need a shock collar or muzzle for behavior-“

“No, no shock collar, and no muzzle.”

The guards raised their eyebrows. The hellhound lady lost her composure and did a quick double-take at him. Even Loona was staring at him as though he was crazy, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t going to torture his kid. He wasn’t the uncaring bastard his father was, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to be a cruel dad to his daughter.

“It’s his funeral,” one of the guards said.

“Bet she returns after two weeks, and we have to put her to sleep after she kills the idiot,” another guard snickered.

“Two weeks? Try two days.”

“Hey!” The memory was cut off, as the cat-demon cab driver shone a flashlight in Blitz’s eye. “We’re here.”

The imp groaned, staggering out into the night, falling flat on his face as he exited the vehicle, watching it speed off to find more souls.

“f*ck me in my hole,” he muttered, trying the various keys to enter the apartment. Naturally, it had to be the last one he tried.

The apartment was quiet, dimly lit, but even with that, even being drunk off his ass, Blitz still saw that the adoption certificate was covered with a blanket, proving that Loona was still home and did it.

I’m really not her dad, am I?

With that last miserable thought, he threw himself on the couch and quickly fell asleep.

A Little Loony - Chapter 3 - SilentMemento (2024)


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